PumpHouse Blues


PumpHouse Blues is a regional band based in Richmond, VA. From soulful originals to putting their own creative spin on traditional & Chicago Jump/Swing Blues, R&B, they deliver an engaging foot pumping groove with Wayne Chaplin on Guitar&Harp, ( Cosmic Cowboys, Lance Manley Band) Lutha Lucas on vocals (Church of What’s Happening Now) Pete Daniel on Bass guitar (Last Judgement ,Psychedelic Hippos, Lance Manley) Chris Leitch on Trombone-Keyboard-Vocals (Boy Oh Boy, Fighting Gravity, 808 Band) Eddie Lohr on guitar & Vocals ( Eddie Lohr Band), Steve Utt on Hammond B3 & Piano (Lil Ronnie, Soul Providers )  and Super Percussionist James Bannow on Drums (LA Sessions). 

Their music is not something you just hear; it's a “Live Crowd Engaging Show Experience”.