About Us


The Front Man, Lutha Lucas

Lutha started singing for his family at the age of two.  He was always listening and singing along with the radio.  In church, Lutha solidified not only his conviction but his musical stylings.of those great gospel songs. His  influences span from Muddy Waters,  , Ray Charles, Sam Cooke to  Lou Rawls ,Isaac Hayes and of course Al Green.   Lutha sings from his soul delivering emotions and feelings into  extraordinary musical performances. Lutha is an original member of  PumpHouse Blues and has spread his musical word performing gigs from  Virginia to Palm Springs California. 


Wayne Chaplin - Harp & Guitar

Chaplin was born in Lexington, VA where he was introduced to the Blues  at an early age. While most kids were dazzled by early Rock & Roll  or Mountain Music, Wayne was drawn to the Blues and the sounds from the  Blues creators such as Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, Howlin Wolf, Lightnin’Hopkins,  Son House, T-Bone Walker and more. He is an accomplished Blues musician playing several instruments including Guitar, Bass, Harp and Drums over his career. After spending many years on the California music scene playing with such bands as The Cosmic Cowboys, he arrived in Richmond, VA.  He continued his Blues journey with the Vista Cruisers, Lil Ronnie, The  Homewreckers, Kingbees, Sony Jr Blues, Randy Britt Trio, Marvin &  the Slackers, Co-founder of Lance Manley Band and is a Co-Founder  of  PumpHouse Blues.   


Jim Bannow - Drums

Jim Bannow is a "Super Percussionist" to say the least.  Talent, passion, dedication and inspiration has afforded Bannow the opportunity to travel and perform in a multitude of musical venues from Coast to Coast and throughout the world during his lifetime.  Born in a small Midwestern town along with having experienced life changing events as a child, an early musical awareness and formal musical training helped awaken ambitions and bigger dreams.   Jim is now excited to make Richmond his new home and excited to be contributing his drumming style to the sound of Pump House . 

Chris Leitch - Trombone -Keyboard-Vocals-Songwriter


Musical wizard best describes Chris as his talents are far and wide. An amazing talent to say the least. Songwriter, composer, vocalist are just the start , not to mention his "BONE" (Trombone)  and keyboard skills. Chris is a former member of Richmond's own Boy Oh Boy , Fighting Gravity and co-founder of "808" band. Chris is deep rooted in the PumpHouse family and has performed with them from California to Virginia. 

Eddie Lohr - Lead Guitar - Vocals


Eddie Lohr contributes his unique style, tone and incredible leads to the music of PumpHouse. His life long love of the Blues shines through in every performance. Eddie's vocal and guitar talent prove that he is a true "Bluesmen"


Pete Daniel - Bass Guitar

  The Bass player, what can you say about a Bass player?  Well, how about its all about the Bass when it comes to Pete. He has been the lead MC @ FLOYDFEST for the past 15 years immersing himself in his lifelong love of music.  As Pete always quotes, ......."the blues is the foundation of rock & roll". Pete was co-founder of Richmond based Lance Manley Band and is a original member of PumpHouse. 


Jonathan Gibson - Sax

Jonathan Gibson is one of the most talented Sax players on the scene today. His soulful & melodic style fits into the PumpHouse puzzle perfectly! 


Steve Utt - Hammond B3 & Piano


Steve Utt has been playing the Hammond B3 Organ & Piano since the age of fourteen. His career has spanned over four decades performing with many great artist. (Smoking Section, Lil Ronnie & The Grand Dukes, Mo Debree, Bill & Friends) Steve has been recorded on numerous albums and in many studios.